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Duchess Digest

January 29, 2009

It turns out taking a sick day can be very productive. I finished my article proposal for ACR, spent several hours coordinating the new website, went running, did dance, read an entire book of short stories (“How We Are Hungry” – by Dave Eggers – a nice little collection) and completed my registration for an all day seminar Saturday called “Ordinary Women Leading Legendary Lives.”

This week’s Duchess Digest posted – it’s called “Objects in Motion” and it’s all about energy. Yep, this time of year when we all have goals and lofty aspirations, but feel some of the winter time sluggishness holding us down, I thought a pep talk on energy could do us all some good. So check it out over on the wonderful Single Minded Woman Website and be sure to check out their other articles as well. There is a bunch of great content this morning including how-to guides on surviving a break-up, yoga, winter health and more. So check it out and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!