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She will be loved

January 26, 2009

When I had my session with Sasi (pronounced “Sashi”) the Indian palmist  he closed it by saying a blessing over me and attaching a bracelet with three beads; one for each specific need I had. My three were “To move from feeling incomplete to knowing you are whole, to release all the old energy that is holding you back and to see the impossible made possible.” I was told not to remove the bracelet, that it would fall off when it was ready.

So for the past seven weeks I’ve been running around with a teal, three-bead bracelet everywhere. I’ve built up this big story about how or when it could come off. Like holding hands with my soul mate or while I was at the bank cashing some huge book advance check or while I was having some epiphany. Anticipation; it’s been making me wait.

Last night I was switching through laundry, reconciling my bank statement for the month and organizing all my tax paperwork. I needed a little break a few hours in – so I slipped on my ballet shoes, put on some tunes and had at it. I was a startled that at the height of an awesome sous-sous, I felt something small go flying. I went to see what the object was and realized it was one of the beads from my bracelet. It had FINALLY broken. I was released. Nothing prophetic or astounding about it. Oh well. Back to dancing.

But then thinking about it this morning I reflected on how happy I have been. There has just been a general content, humorous, joyful feeling settled into me lately. It makes no sense why.  There seems to be no one stand out factor in my life that would indicate I should really be happy. But I am. And I think maybe that is my so-called insightful moment. Sasi said one of the blessings I needed was to feel whole. I believe that is where this happiness is coming from. I do feel whole. It’s been a long time coming!

Today’s quote is in line with what I’ve been experiencing the last year. I felt like my old life, my old way of being, when I left was “it.” That there couldn’t be another life for me. But I’m making a new one. I have found the exit from the old so that I can finally step into the new. Keep looking for your exit!

“Every exit is an entry somewhere.”

-Tom Stoppard