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An Endorsement for Addiction

January 27, 2009

One great thing to come out of all this recession business is that it gives me a chance to reasses some pretty big questions I was answering via default. If who I am is totally dependent on what I have, what I drive, all my stuff, my status at work, etc. – then who does that make me when that stuff is all gone? Ah, the big question. How do we appreciate and love the material stuff in our life without making it the purpose of life?

I was having coffee a few weeks ago on a lazy Sunday afternoon with my girlfriends. As we were chatting I noticed a big art piece in the display window (for those of you in L.A. I believe it was Modern Living on Beverly). It was one of those kind of pop art looking pieces that only has words, in the same font but different sizes and only in black and white. But I loved the quote, so I wrote it down. I think this speaks to one of the important aspects of life – the company we keep. And who we surround ourselves with can be totally recession-proof. It’s an addiction I’m willing to foster.

“Spending a lot of time at home with your love, family or friends can prove to be an extraordinary and delicious addiction.”